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Artist's Statement

Working in a variety of media, from drawing and painting to performance, video and the occasional poem or country song, I make art that is unabashedly campy. I spent my earliest years in boots and a hat, riding horses and attending rodeos. It was a particularly macho culture but I developed a taste for looking pretty early on. Some of my work reflects a lifelong fascination with the fluidity of gender, as evinced by my use of wigs, makeup and heels in performance and photography. Some of it is psychedelic, as indicated by an excessive use of ostentatious colors, patterns and reflective materials. A country-western theme applies to most of what I make and do and I am particularly inspired by the tailoring of Nudie Cohn. There’s something richly dualistic about a musician singing of manly deeds, bedecked in sequins, rhinestones and extravagant embroidery.

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