Glen Mies grew up on both sides of the tracks in small town Kansas, where he went to church, attended rodeos and secretly tried on women’s clothing.  He has always enjoyed drawing and often did so during church, in class and later on at jobs, when he could get away with it. At seventeen, he moved out on his own and flipped a coin to decide whether or not to go to college. It was tails, so he attended the fine arts program at Kansas University and earned his BFA in 2007.

While at KU, Glen added printmaking and painting to his repertoire and traveled to Chicago, New York and Europe, soaking up as many galleries, museums and drag clubs as he could. Also during this time, he and a friend were arrested for being skilled with stencils and subsequently hired by local establishments to paint several murals. He lived in Maine for seven years, where he dropped out of graduate school, restored antique textiles, performed in burlesque shows and directed a psychedelic workout video. Glen returned to the Midwest in 2016 and currently resides in Kansas City, where he continues to make art in his home studio.